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Putting a Price on Memories

By Felipe Negron - March 30, 2020
You visit a garage sale on a sunny Saturday morning and find a bicycle that you think would be perfect for your child. You look at the price tag and it’s about twice as much as you would expect to pay. When you question the owner, he says, “That bike has a lot of sentimental value for me. I couldn’t let it go for less.”   Chances are, you’ll pass on the bike.

Does Your Home Still Match Your Lifestyle?

By Felipe Negron - March 17, 2020
When you purchased your current home, chances are it was a good match for your lifestyle. It had the space you needed, the features you wanted, and a location that worked for you.   But for most people, lifestyle and needs evolve through the years. Kids get older. Jobs or careers change. People take on new hobbies and other interests.   As a result, the home that was ideal a few ye

Home Selling Advice from Hoteliers

By Felipe Negron - March 02, 2020
When a hotel wants to make a room look inviting, they start with the bathroom. They clean it until it sparkles. They place fresh towels everywhere. They make sure the soap bars and shampoos are new. Some hotels even fold the end of the toilet paper into a nice neat triangle!   Why all the fuss?   Hoteliers know that if a customer is impressed with the bathroom, they will likely fee

Making Sure You Get What You Need

By Felipe Negron - February 17, 2020
When you’re shopping for a new home, it’s a good idea to create a checklist of what you want and what you need. It keeps you on track to ultimately find the property that best fits your requirements — and those of your family.   However, there’s a big difference between want and need that is important to understand when house hunting. A ‘need’ refers to

Take the Personality Out of Your Home

By Felipe Negron - February 03, 2020
Does your home have a lot of personality?   There’s nothing wrong with that.   In fact, you may have pictures on the fireplace mantle showcasing happy family memories over the years… or trophies and other awards in the kids’ bedrooms that represent achievements that make you proud… or a fridge door covered with notes, a calendar and other items that make i

Making the Right Offer

By Felipe Negron - January 20, 2020
You’ve shopped around and attended a few select viewings. Now you’ve found the home of your dreams. It’s yours – as long as you make the right offer!   So how do you make the right offer? That’s a very important question to consider.   If your offer is too low, you risk the seller turning you down. You may not get a chance to make a second offer, espec

Thinking of Moving? Two Things You Need to Know

By Felipe Negron - January 06, 2020
If you’re thinking of making a move within the next few months, there are two important things you need to know.   The first is the market value of your current property. That’s the amount your home will likely sell for in today’s market. When you know its market value, you’ll have a better idea of how much money will be available to invest in a new home.  

Hiring the Right Moving Company

By Felipe Negron - December 23, 2019
How do you select the best moving company for your needs?   Ask for recommendations. Beware of fly-by-night operations. They may seem like a bargain, but you get what you pay for. Request a written estimate and contract. (Beware of movers that just give you a price over the phone.) Confirm they are covered by insurance and clarify their policy regarding lost or broken items. Make sur

Making a Good “Second” Impression

By Felipe Negron - December 09, 2019
You’ve heard the term “curb appeal”. It refers to the first impression a buyer gets when he or she first arrives at your home and looks at it from the outside.   That first impression is critical. But there is a “second” impression that is also very important. That’s the impression buyers get when they open your front door and look inside. Make sure tha

How Do You Determine What You Need to Do??

By Felipe Negron - November 25, 2019
Say you’re a homeowner wanting to sell your two-level, detached home. You sit down and make a list of things that need to get done to make your property as attractive as possible to buyers.   You consider the backyard. “Hmm,” you think. “Doesn’t our deck need a new finish and our flowerbed need new edging stones?”   Then you think about the livin


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