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Seller Net Sheet

A Seller's Net Sheet is a document that calculates how much money one can expect to have when the sale of their home is final.

Seller Net Sheets factor in all of the fees and expenses that occur in the process of the sale, leaving the seller with an accurate estimate of what they can expect to take home when all is said and done.

For example, if you sold your home at the asking price of $200,000, the actual amount of money you take home may only be $165,000.  Seller's Net Sheets come into play and tell you where that $35,000 went, allowing the seller to have a better idea in the exact amount of monody they can expect to walk away with when the sale of their home is final.

It is important to obtain or create a Seller's Net Sheet for a variety of reasons.  First and most importantly, it provides a road mad to where the percentage of closing costs and commissions are allocated.  You'll also learn why you as the seller will owe what you do, and what you can expect to keep after all is said and done.

Click Here to use our Seller Net Sheet Calculator to obtain an estimate of closing costs for a residential transaction.

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